Problems with work on unconscious thinking

Implicit learning and priming

Causal learning, reasoning and Coincidences

Dynamic Decision Making & uncertainty

Osman (2004) Critique of Dual-system thinking Osman (2010) Review of Dynamic Decision-making Osman & Speekenbrink (2011) Monitoring and Control Osman (2008)a Dynamic learning and decision-making Osman (2008)b Dynamic learning Opstal et al (2010) Unconscious priming Osman (2007) No implicit reasoning Flach, Osman, et al (2006) Subliminal priming Osman (2012) Rewards/Feedback and dynamic decision-making DeNeys, Cromheeke & osman (2011) Clever intuition Harris and Osman (2012) Causality and Control Osman & Shanks (2005) Causal learning Osman (2013) Critique of two-proces models Meder, Lelec, & osman (2013) Economic Crises

Dynamic moral judgments

Osman (2015) Moral judgments & emotions Osman (2015) Moral judgments & order Osman & Wiegmann (2017) Minimum Moral Model

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Problems with Nudging

Lin et al (2018) Organ donation Osman et al (2018) Public attitudes towards nudges Osman et al (2017) Ethics of Nudge Yiling, Osman & Ashcroft (2017) review of Nudge Osman (2016) Problems with Nudge Osman et al (2016) Incentives and dynamic decision-making Holt & Osman (2018) Models of Dynamic decision-making Glass & Osman (2016) Dynamic decision-making in the elderly Osman (2016) Does our unconscious rule? Osman (2018) The sticky two-process Syndrome Hagmeyer & Osman (2012) Models of Causality Hagmeyer et al (2010) Causal learning and decision-making Johansen & Osman (2015) causality & Coincidences

Social and economic behaviour

Wong et al (2018) investment decision-making Osman, LV & Proulx (2018) Cooperation and empathy Osman (2016) Where is Beh Econ heading? LV, Proulx, & Osman (2016) Cooperation and values Wiegmann & Osman (2017) Morality introduced Bird et al (2006) Implicit learning Osman et al (2008) Implicit control in patients with PD Osman, et al (2005) Implicit learning through observation

Risk, Uncertainty, and Transparency

Osman (2017) The role of transparency on risk/uncertainty Osman et al (2017) Transparency and Uncertainty Lofsted et al (2017) Examning transparency & risk Meder et al (2018) Frameworks of Behavioral change

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